About Us

We are an inter-dependent, inter-denominational Bible based Christian Institute, dedicated to serve the communities of South Africa; equipped to train men and women to transform society.
Hebron Christian Institute is administered by men and women who possess a wealth of knowledge, experience, and qualifications in the area of Project Management.
We are founded on Godly principles based on the Word of God ready to empower men and women and the youth and those they render service to.
We are a practical Institute with a sound theoretical foundation bringing balance to our goals.

Institute Leadership

Hirschel and Sheena has been running ministry projects for the past 25 years working locally, national
and internationally, developing and building up youth coming from disadvantage
backgrounds, with the hope of a bright future for tomorrow.

Hirschel obtained a BA (Hon)
Degree Bible and Theology at Global School of Theology (ICI University before). He later completed his Master’s Degree (2003) in Youth Ministry as well as his
Doctorate Systematic Theology and Ethics (2012) at Stellenbosch University.

Sheena completed a BA (Hon)
Degree Christian Education at Global School of Theology (ICI University before) and has also completed a Certificate in Christian Counseling. 

They are both passionate about the holistic development and well-being of youth from all
walks of life as well as for their families. As a result Hebron Christian Institute was birth with the primary focus to training leaders to ensure a better tomorrow for themselves
and those that follows.